Q1: Are the products original agent set as the selling prices are much lower than the official retail price?

A1: Yes. All products are the original agent set with official receipt issued upon purchased. We only earn marginal profits for all products in order to offer the best deals to our customers.

Q2: What is "Local Warranty Set" & "Export Set" as shown in your website?

A2: “Local Warranty Set” are products from local authorised distributors,so all warranty claims are provided by the manufacturer’s authorised service centres,whereas “Export Set” are products that are import with no warranty covered but will be global version unlocked with no sim card lock.

Q3: What Currency are the prices used in your website?

A3: All the Prices stated on our website are in Singapore Dollars at Nett Price.

Q4: Are the prices shown in your website same to those that are sold through in your retail shop?

A4: Yes. All prices sold in our retail shop are the same as shown in our website in cash payment for that day.

Q5: Is there any Goods and Services Tax(GST) charge?

A5: No. All prices include prevailing GST. However,we also do not issue GST Refund as we are not GST-Registered.

Q6: Is the website content accurate?

Q6: While we do our best, we cannot guarantee that images on our website exactly represent actual model. In particular, the colours shown on the website may not exactly represent the colours of the models because the colours you see on the website depend on the colour reproduction on your computer or mobile device.

Q7: Are all the products cover with warranty?

A7: Yes. All products come with respective manufacturer’s local warranty and NOT FROM SHOP,except for “Export Set” which does not come with any warranty from the shop or respective manufacturer either.

Q8: Are all your phones model unlocked?

A8: Yes. All phones are original factory unlocked and can be used worldwide with any sim card.

Q9: Are all the prices stated on website without contract plan?

A9: Yes. All prices shown are without contract plan or any subscription.

Q10: Do i need to present any receipt for warranty claims?

A10: Yes. Official receipt is issued upon purchased which you need when you send for warranty claims.

Q11: What are the ways to claim warranty if i lose the official receipt?

A11: Sorry,we do not re-issued receipt if you had misplaced it but you still can claim your warranty by: Posting back the warranty card to the respective manufacturer,alternatively,you can register online.

Q12: Is there any 7 days Exchange/Refund/Return policy?

A12: No. We do not provided any 7 days Exchange/Refund/Return policy.We strongly encourage our customers to check and test the phones/tablets before leaving our store.Any faulty devices discovered with be replaced with a new set on spot before paying.

Q13: How do i make a reseveration for an item before coming down?

A13: Simply SMS or Whatsapp us at 98500422 the following details:

1) Item Brand & Model
2) Color
3) Memory Size (if applicable)
4) Quantity
5) Date of collection (maximum 1 day from date of reservation)

Once we received your enquiry, we will reply you with an confirmation asap.

Q14: What kind of payment do you accept?

A14: In order to provided best deals,we encourage customers to pay by cash. However,due to demand and request,we also accept Nets at an additional of 1.2% or Amex credit cards at an additional of 3.5% of the selling price in store. However, we had start online payment with ALL credit cards at an additional charge of 4%.

Q15: Is there any way i can pay through credit card without any additional charges?

A15: Yes. We have an online store in Shopee platform. Buyers are encouraged to make purchases through Shopee as there are no extra charges when you pay by SG credit card.

Our official online store in Shopee is located as below:


Q16: Do you offer any instalment plans?

A16: No. We do not offer any instalment plan at the moment.

Q17: What should i do if i want to do online purchase?

A17: 3 Steps to order

Step 1: Call 98500422 to check stock availability before add to cart.

Step 2: Upon confirm the item,you can proceed to order through online.

Step 3: Once we had received your payment,we will proceed with our order.

*Take note of the shipping method before proceed to check-out*

Q18: Do you provided delivery services?

A18: Yes. Delivery services will start from 01/10/2017. Delivery charges applies. ( Refer to Delivery Services)

Q19: What is the "New Phone Buy Back column" shown on your website?

A19: “New Phone Buy Back” mean sell back to us the new phones after you recontract through your line with telco.(Do refer to the New Phone Buy Back column for more info)

Q20: Will there be any deduction in the selling price if i did not buy anything from store when i sell my new phone to you?

Q20: No. There wont be any deduction in the price even when you are not buying anything from us.

Q21: Do you accept trade-In of used phones?

A21: Yes. We accept trade-in of selected models.(Do refer to the Trade-In column on our website for more info)

Q22: Do you still buy back used phones even i am not buying any new phones from you?

A22: Yes. We still buy back selected models even if you are not buying any new phones from us.

Q23: What is the actual value for my used phones?

A23: Actual value of the used phones can only be quote upon visual inspection.(Do refer to our Trade-In column for guideline)

Q24: Is there used phones sold in your store?

Q24: Yes. Please refer to Used Phone column,or if you have any particular model you are looking at,you can sms/whatapps to 98500422.

Q25: Is there any warranty provided for the used phones that i buy from your shop?

A25: No. We do not provided any shop or manufacturer warranty,we strongly encourage customers to do a full check or test before purchased.

Q26: Do you accept orders/delivery outside singapore?

A26: No. Currently we only accept orders in singapore.

Q27: Where are you located in singapore?

Q27: We are located at #02-25, Far East Plaza, along Scotts Road, between Goodwood Park Hotel and Grand Hyatt Hotel. 

Nearest Mrt Station: Orchard

Q28: How can we contact you?

A28: We can be contacted as follows:

Mobile: 98500422 (11am – 9pm daily)

If your calls are not being attended, we would like to apologise as we may be busy attending to customers,alternatively,you can sms/whatapps us.

Q29: How to process with Direct Order from 7/4/20?


Step 1:
Whatsapp 98500422 (Winnie) to confirm price, stocks availability and make reservation.

Furnish us the recipient name, address and contact number.

Once all details have been confirmed, we will instruct you to make full payment + $12-$20 delivery fee(Based on delivery location) by PayNow to 98500422 (Winnie).

Note – Payment to PayPal on our website is not active at the moment

We will update you the delivery schedule once full payment has been received. (usually 1 day upon receipt of payment)

Sit back and wait for our approved logistic partner to deliver the phone to your doorsteps. (Remember to practise safety distance)

Stay Home ! Stay Safe !